The #1 Thing You Need To Start Prioritising

There's copious amounts of research supporting the importance of quality sleep nowadays.

A better sleep means a better YOU.

So, we've complied 18 top tips for you to implement tonight for a long, quality sleep.


BLACK OUT CURTAINS: Install curtains or window coverings to block 95-100% of the rooms light. Gold standard is you cannot see your hand in front of your face.

LIGHT ALARM: Don't use your phone as an alarm. Purchase a light alarm which mimics the sum rising and allows for a gradual natural wake up.

BLUE LIGHT BLOCKERS: We recommend a high quality product like Blublox which are lab tested to block blue and green light.

MORNING SUNLIGHT: Get 20 mins of direct sunlight each morning, not through a window or sunglasses before 10am to sync your body clock to the natural time.

LAMPS & LOW LIGHTING: Turn off bright overhead lights and turn on low lamps after sun set.

NO SCREENS 1 HOUR BEFORE BED: Turn off all electronic devices 1 hour before bed if you do not have blue light blocking glasses.


NO INTENSE TRAINING 2 HOURS WITHIN BED TIME: Sleep is induced by reducing your core body temperature, hard training will interrupt this process and make sleeping difficult.

HOT SHOWER OR BATH: The heat will force your capillaries to open up and come to the skins surface rapidly reducing your core body temperature.

COOLING SHEETS: All kinds of new fabric technologies are able to circulate temperature better and keep you cool in the night. One of the best new fabrics is bamboo so keep an eye out for that material.

COOL YOUR ROOM BETWEEN 18-19 DEGREES OR LOWER: Use aircon if you have it in warmer weather to keep your room at the optimal sleep zone


NO FOOD WITHIN 2 HOURS OF BED: Digesting food keeps your body awake. Avoid eating and sending the signal to your system that its still day time.

ZMA: Zinc Magnesium is a supplement which is amazing for relaxing the nervous system and assisting deep sleep.

NO CAFFEINE AFTER 12PM: Even if you fall asleep after a coffee sleep absolutely ruins normal sleep cycles. Use it sparingly in the mornings only.

AVOID HIGHLY PROCESSED FOODS AT NIGHT: Your body has to work harder to process and breakdown these foods and can leave you with an upset stomach - which is the last thing you need when you're dying for a quality sleep.


WHITE NOISE: Use a white noise app, fan or aircon to block out complete silence our loud disruptive noises.

MEDITATION AND SLEEP APP: An app like Calm can be helpful to take your mind off your stressful day and relax into another world.

SPEAK SOFTLY: As you get closer to sleep raising your voice is actually disruptive to sleeping as it causes a release of adrenalin.

NASAL BREATHING: Ensure you are sleeping by only breathing through your nose. If you wake up with a dry mouth you likely have been mouth breathing. Fix with a simple strip of fabric tape (like Rocktape) over the mouth.

Leave us a comment with your favourite tips!