Our 2022 Intentions - Personally & Professionally

As we welcome yet another year, it's almost a tradition for us to set new goals/intentions (whatever you like to call them) for the year ahead.

While we tend to get caught up in the whirlwind of career and financial goals, it's important to reflect on what you've achieved personally as well. This helps to align your new intentions based on your recent success and achievements so you're always moving forward.

We thought we'd share our own intentions for 2022.

Mikaela - The past year brought many challenges, the biggest being the adjustment to motherhood and a new list of priorities. In 2022, my intentions are to be kinder to myself and allow space (both physically and mentally) to breathe, feel and understand my emotions and respond accordingly. Rather than making rash, emotional decisions with a clouded judgement. I strongly believe this will flow positivity into my mental health and my productivity with business and training.

In terms of training, my intentions are to shift my focus towards building up my weaker areas (instead of just working on things I enjoy), increasing power and agility and return to Tony's gymnastics class to increase my flexibility and core strength!

Tony: 2021 really slowed me down, raising my son alongside Mikaela brought it's own mini challenges (almost daily) where we'd have to adapt and change plans almost instantly #dadlife. Learning how to work with this new lifestyle meant time, time to adjust and adapt. This meant patience. I learnt how to be more patient with myself, my results and to respect that sometimes things just don't always go the way you want.

So moving forward into 2022, my intentions are to be more effective with my time, focus on performance and quality movement in training (rather than easy, quick aesthetic focused sessions) to better my mindset and joint health. I also intend to refocus my energy into becoming more productive with my time. I plan to assign tasks and projects with completion dates and be strict with myself on these deadlines.

We'd both love to hear what your intentions are for this year. You can share in the comments below!