60+ New Years Resolutions that aren't weight loss or physique based.

January 23, 2018

A new year means more failed new year's resolutions...

Or does it???


So we’re three weeks into January…how are your new year’s resolutions going so far? We tend to make these resolutions after reflection on the past year as a way to improve the lives of ourselves and others. Unfortunately, most of us are guilty of giving up on resolutions almost as quickly as we make them.

Resolutions fail due to a combination of unrealistic goals and a lack of accountability. We resolve to quit smoking, lose weight, exercise more…. And that’s great! But they’re not always very exciting and don’t always give you a whole lot to look forward to. Instead, why not try a different approach... challenge yourself.

I got an email from Meg Gallagher (Founder of Strong Strong Friends) earlier this year and she shared a list of new year’s resolutions that aren’t weight loss or physique based. I thought they were awesome so I’ve picked out my some of favourite to share with you.


  1. Get a muscle up

  2. Try old times strongman tricks like: finger push-ups, tearing a pack of cards, picking up a chair by one leg, or gripping an open door

  3. Try an acro-yoga class

  4. 10 Ring Dips unbroken

  5. Take a pilates class

  6. Climb a peg board

  7. Try Rock Climbing

  8. Train to complete a ninja warrior course

  9. Master the front lever

  10. Register for a Tactical Strength Challenge

  11. Hang from a pull-up bar with one hand for 1minute +

  12. Do a one-handed pushup

  13. Work up to your heaviest carry possible. Train the farmer’s walk, suitcase carry, press carry, waiter’s carry, sandbag carry, and the fireman’s carry.

  14. Learn bad-ass strongman competition movements like pulling a semi, lifting a small house, and stone carries

  15. Complete the Birthday Squat Set, and squat your bodyweight for however many years old you are in one set.

  16. Do one of the 2017 Crossfit Games Workouts - or all of them!

General Physical Preparedness and Cardio

  1. Go ice-skating

  2. Learn how to box

  3. Incorporate weekly sprints into your strength program

  4. Learn how to surf

  5. Go paddle boarding

  6. Complete the Crossfit Hero Workout "Murph"

  7. Finish 100 burpees without stopping

  8. Train to save your own life with the Earle Liederman fitness test: swim at least half a mile; run at top speed for 200 yards; jump over an obstacle the height of your wast, 15-20+ (males)/10 (females) chin ups unbroken, 25+ (males)/15 (females) dips unbroken

  9. Test your broad jump (Females get over 180cm for an excellent score, Males get over 230cm)

  10. Test your mile time at the beginning and end of 2018

  11. 50 Unbroken Double Unders

  12. Take a cycling class

  13. Try a triathlon with friends


  1. Incorporate night-time casein shakes or treats

  2. Drink a gallon of water a day

  3. Eat a breakfast that has at least 20g of protein

  4. Ditch fast food for 60 days

  5. Learn how athletes use food for fuel with an RPStrength Ebook

  6. Use a fresh meal delivery service

  7. Focus on getting unsaturated fat: almonds, avocado, salmon

  8. Try a new healthy recipe each week

  9. Bring in a healthy snack to share at work

  10. Try coconut water during workouts

Mobility & movement

  1. Learn to do the splits or a pancake

  2. See a physiotherapist

  3. Try acupuncture or dry needling

  4. Balance in crow pose

  5. Increase flexibility and get into bridge pose

  6. Experiment with self myofascial/trigger point release (foam rolling, trigger ball, kettlebell)

  7. Track your workouts with a fitness tracker or smartwatch

  8. Hang on a pull-up bar for 3 minutes a day,

  9. Hang upside down for 3 minutes a day

  10. Go back to basics and improve coordination with some quadrupedal movements

  11. Kick up into a handstand every day (it’s ok if it’s just practice)

  12. Improve your shoulder/wrist mobility to get in the proper front squat rack position


  1. Take a self-defence class

  2. Never hit the snooze button

  3. Establish a consistent dynamic warm-up routine

  4. Establish a consistent night/morning routine

  5. Try a sensory deprivation tank (float tank)

  6. Start a meditation practice

  7. Go on a meditation or yoga retreat

  8. Commit to waking up at the same time every morning

  9. No screens or phones in bed

  10. Recover with regular epsom salt baths

  11. Improve thoracic spine mobility with a posture-pro or bak-balls

  12. Read a book a month

  13. Listen to training and competition meditation talks on Headspace App

Challenge yourself with these new years resolutions and see where this year can take you! Get out of your comfort zone because that's where the magic happens.

Happy New Year and bring on 2018!


- Tony Nguyen

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