Remedial Massage Therapy

A targeted treatment for injury and pain, remedial massage therapy is suitable for particular muscle tensions or chronic pain issues. Our therapists conduct a series of assessments to detect the crux of the problem, for better and longer lasting results. Involving deep tissue work, this remedial treatment is perfect for all forms of sports injuries. Other conditions which may benefit from this particular massage therapy include stiff necks, carpal tunnel, sciatica and headaches.


Myofascial Cupping Therapy is a traditional Eastern method used by our therapists at Crux Clinic to relax areas of muscular restriction and tension. Our therapists use fire or suction cupping to create a vacuum effect which ​gently lifts the skin to increase blood flow, relieve fascial (connective tissue) dysfunctions and promote healing. This type of treatment is usually combined with other remedial treatments to give our clients the best results.



Trigger Point Dry Needling is used to release specific trigger points which may be causing muscular dysfunction. Super fine filament needles are inserted into the skin, targeting trigger points and knots to break down tissue, aiming to rebuild proper function in the muscles.