I’m the head coach at Crux Training, with over 7 years of industry experience. My specialty is improving people’s movement, and I want to see you be able to function optimally and without pain. 


I have extensive experience in remedial therapies, and my main area of focus is strength and movement. Blending the best methods from Olympic weightlifting, strength and conditioning, and gymnastics, I’m committed to getting you moving and feeling stronger for life.


I’m a qualified weightlifting coach with a Diploma of Remedial Massage.



I'm your dedicated Client Success Manager and Remedial Massage Therapist here to ensure you get the results you're after and the experience you deserve!


I’m always on hand to help with any questions, queries or concerns. I like to keep up to date with all of our Crux members and I’m always available to give a little extra advice, guidance and support.  


My background is in remedial therapies and women’s strength coaching. I’m also a qualified strength and conditioning coach and I have a Diploma of Remedial Massage.